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Does Webhoster have a “Control Panel” or some other utility to manage my website?

Yes, Webhoster features an enhanced user interface that is fully integrated with Plesk from Parallels. Our single-sign on control panel gives you access to domain registrations, SSL certificates, and other hosting account features. Our hosting accounts feature Plesk which is the industry leading control panel and provides a rich online environment from where you can manage your web hosting.

Which domain names can be hosted?

Webhoster can host any domain.

Can I have additional domain names point to my hosting account?

Yes. You will have the option to point multiple domains at the same directory or to subdirectories, e.g. to /directory1 and to /directory2.

How can I change my account from name-based to IP-based?

If your account is on a plan that is name-based and you would like it to be IP-based, you can do so by ordering an IP address via email. The charge for doing this is only 5 € per month. It is billed with the same period as the hosting service it applies to.

How do I register a domain?

When you fill out the request form, please make sure that you add all your contact details and the domain name you would like to register. We will register the domain for you as soon as you sign the offer that we will send you by email.

How do I setup my email?

Login to your Plesk admin panel, click on the email tab and then on the link “Create email address”. There is also a help section for every tab in the admin panel.