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The world of web hosting is a huge one – with many, many offers. We have already produced a glossary of the most important web hosting terms. It includes in particular dedicated and shared servers. Today, we present one more hosting option: virtual servers. We explain what follows what happens with server virtualisation and the benefits it offers. What are virtual servers? Virtual Servers are a type of web hosting where a physical server is split into a number of virtual servers. Each server is supplied with a specific part of the hardware resources – depending on its needs. These servers have the ability to run their own operating system. This offers a variety of benefits which we would like to present here. Save energy Electricity and energy are expensive. Every household has a tale to tell about this. In particular for enterprises, the electricity and thus money which can […]

As so often, the internet loses itself in technical terms, every other one of which has to be googled. It is the same with Web Hosting. To host your site perfectly and give you a deeper insight into the world of web hosting, there are certain principles to be observed. We have picked out and explained the most important concepts. Important factors There are now a variety of web hosting providers all offering different packages. As ever, the general view is obscured. There are several key elements that should be considered when one or more websites from a particular provider are to be hosted. The keywords are: traffic memory space automatic backups domains availability SSL encryption shared or dedicated hosting technical support Each web hosting package has other offerings. So it is important to find the right service for your needs. To begin with, however, only the most important terms […]